To help develop competence


Soteco has gained many years of experience in the operation and maintenance of the equipment in the various applications onboard vessels and in power plants. In addition to this, Soteco actively increases its knowledge in specialist areas of service, testing and development. We feel it is important to share this knowledge and help develop the competence of the users of equipment that utilise Soteco spare parts, products, and services. To allow this transfer of knowledge, this can be provided in several ways.


The Training “In Real Life” (IRL) can take place in different situations. This could be hands on practical training with the equipment onboard vessel or in the power plant. Often this can be an effective and convenient way to train about the operation, inspection of the equipment, maintenance and answering those questions most needed to be answered. Another opportunity for IRL training would be in the classroom environment, or in an office. This would be more the basic level of training in theoretical understanding before leading to more advanced topics. To enable the right level of training to be selected, a preparation with the participants’ skill levels in mind is often the best way to start. Soteco has developed short video training clips featuring specific maintenance operations for separators and filters. These can be downloaded or viewed online. Access can be gained by applying below through the contact form.

Please note these are samples of the training video available

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