The Soteco Sustainability agenda includes several aspects of its activities that interface and impact its customers using the products supplied. Directly this means a contribution to the customers’ sustainability goals in terms of reducing plastic waste, packaging, plastic litter and other environmental concerns. Soteco continue to use only recycled packaging for its products, reduce plastics with recycled products and safely disposable packs. Soteco has invested in “100% climate neutral” CNC turning centers and milling machines in its Production facility. This has also given a further contribution with 30% energy reduction.

The health & safety of Soteco staff, its agents and suppliers are of vital concern. Soteco is constantly keeping its activities in mind with awareness campaigns, training, measurement, and assessments to prevent any injuries or accidents from occurring. Soteco is constantly keeping H&S on the agenda and aiming everyone arrives to work safely and returns home safely, every day. Finally, Soteco commits to conserve and preserve the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development by supporting the 14th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG14). This aims at cutting marine pollution, restoring, and conserving marine and coastal areas and ecosystems, ending unsustainable fishing practices, and improving the management of marine resources, to ensure both economic benefits for all and the protection of seas and oceans and supports non profit organization that develop and scale technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

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